Mother Nature’s birthday gift to me

Because she loves me so, so much - hugging me with her natural, earthy goodness. Sending me bitter cold in winter, searing heat in summer. Raining on me when I forget my  umbrella, so her drops may lovingly caress my face, making my mascara run and my hair frizz. Because she loves the natural look best of all.

She is too, too good to me.


She knows I can never get enough snow. Especially not if winter ends when it's supposed to. Preferably in January, but officially in March. And the record snowfall this year? Not nearly enough to say how much she loves me.


Never mind the crocus popping up, the daffodils struggling to the surface. I let her know my joy at seeing them, and how my heart warmed seeing a few of the other plants beginning to sprout green.

Because green she can do anytime. But snow comes only nine months out of the year.


Really, Mother Nature. You shouldn't have.

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