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Lisa Guidarini


A freelance writer/reviewer more than a dozen years, I’ve been published in the Chicago Tribune, New York Journal of Books, Chicago Review of Books and Booklist, among others. I’ve interviewed lots of writers, rubbed elbows at literary events, and spend my free time in libraries, bookstores and coffee shops. For kicks, I venture into public for the express purpose of eavesdropping on conversations. Some writers do so for ideas; I do it because I’m damn nosy. So please, keep the volume high when talking on your cell phone or dissecting your relationship with your bestie.

I also enjoy photography. Fair warning.

Divorced after 25 years of marriage, my kids are grown. Too old to mommy blog – which I’m pretty sure is illegal and/or immoral once your kids pass 18 – I write about books and reading, writing and my ridiculous life. The older I get, the more things tilt toward the latter. Living my life backward, I’ve saved the dumbass shit for last.

Dumbass shit is the dessert of life.

Afflicted with wanderlust, I’ve been known to drop everything and run off to Europe. Currently residing in Scotland, I’ll be moving back to the States in March 2019. I have no idea where I’ll wind up, but you can bet I’ll write about it here.


Native to Faulkner’s Mississippi, I’ve lived in the Chicago metro area more than half my life. I hold a B.A. in English literature from Dominican University in River Forest, IL, and an MLIS (Masters in Library and Information Studies) through the University of Wisconsin, Madison.



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