I’m Lisa Guidarini.

A freelance reviewer more than a dozen years, I’ve been published in the Chicago Tribune, New York Journal of Books, Chicago Review of Books and Booklist, among others.

That’s the hoity-toity part.

I also love travel and photography, coffee, calling off weddings, and feeding and housing a dog who doesn’t give a crap about people.

Honestly, I just like to hear people ask: BUT WHY?


Mistress Annabel Mabel: she destroys because she doesn’t GAF.


Twenty-six years of marriage to a man I was deeply incompatible with gave me three beautiful children, now grown. I promise I won’t post any inspirational quotes about that.

Divorced going on three years, I’ve been on a staggering number of horrifying first dates. Last year, in a fit of romantic frenzy, I sold all my stuff, quit my job, and moved halfway around the world to marry a friend in Scotland. It should have been happily ever after.

SPOILER: it wasn’t.


My favorite view of my favorite castle in lovely Edinburgh.


I came back to the States and started over, all over again. Because what choice did I have. I’m back in Chicago, but wanderlust is strong in me.

I’ve been writing this blog since 2006-ish. Bluestalking grows and evolves with me, reflecting my interests and my own brand of crazy.

I am currently actively pursuing a full-time librarian job. Know anyone who’s hiring?

I’m glad you’re here. It’s echo-y in here when you’re not.


Native to Faulkner’s Mississippi, I’ve lived in the Chicago metro area more than half my life. I hold a B.A. in English literature from Dominican University in River Forest, IL, and an MLIS (Masters in Library and Information Studies) through the University of Wisconsin, Madison.



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