Photo of the Day


The Inferno

My husband doesn't believe in throwing on a few representative candles to mark the anniversary of my birth. He puts on every, single one in order to create a spectacular pyrotechnic display.Then comes the call to the table: "Get in here and let's sing to Mom, before the smoke detector goes off!"

I do the same for him. One year I thoughtfully added a black tombstone candle that played a funeral dirge. The kids LOVE that candle. They enjoy reminding their father he's a full SIX MONTHS OLDER THAN ME. How they do respect the elderly. It's a joy to my heart.

Note the candles he placed shooting out the sides. Those say, "You're SO OLD I couldn't fit all the candles on top. And, one day, you'll need two cakes. To handle the overflow."


Happy Birthday dear me. Happy Birthday to me.

3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. Lisa, I sent an email wishing you a very happy birthday but it was returned so you must have changed your email. Glad you had a lovely time. i laughed at your panic about your grade average. I had no doubt that you had done well and just weren’t judging yourself properly. Hugs Daphne


  2. Daphne, you’re such a sweetheart! My new email is We shut down the other when we changed internet providers.
    I had another grade panic yesterday, when I was in Barnes & Noble and realized I had a quiz due that day, but I didn’t know what time. Luckily I had three hours to complete it, and I finished it in less than an hour …


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