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It seems we go through food stages in our house, in which one food will become an absolute obsession and we can't get enough of it. Right now it's citrus fruit. I can't count the number of bags of oranges we've gone through, nor the number of ruby red grapefruit. It's my daughter who loves the limes. She eats them like oranges, but the thought of that makes me pucker. I love the taste of lime, but more a hint of it than the original fruit unadulterated.

Re: the PhotoShop effects I used above, I'm not certain I like the outcome, but I was playing around and having fun. A bowl of fruit is a good canvas to use in experimenting with photo software. Actually, any still life probably is.

Maybe I'll try some other effects to see what I like better. In the meantime, above is a mish-mash of several effects.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. Hi Lisa,
    Just a quick note to say nice job on the processing of this one, particularly the film grain effect. Did you use the standard Photoshop grain effect or a third-party plugin? For our sepia canvasses, we use a plugin called Alien Skin Exposure to add grain – it’s great for giving digital photos a more authentic look…


  2. John, I wish I could answer your question. I was playing around with various PhotoShop functions and lost all track of what I’d done. I can tell you I’m using only PhotoShop Elements, and still figuring out how to use that. It’s a lot of fun but I’m not great at remembering how I did things!
    Thanks for the compliment, though. Wish I could be more help.


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