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Spring's Eternal

Two days of above-average temperatures have begun to work their magic. The maple tree in front of our house has begun to awaken yet again. There are a few things you can count upon in this world, apparently. Just when you feel you can't stand another day of winter, out comes new life.

I'll have to check the back garden for signs the crocus and daffodils are beginning to awaken. Couldn't be long now. And I'll need to catch the lilies before the deer eat them. Tim'rous beasties!

One reason we bought this house was the lawns are so expansive, and trees plentiful, that deer, fox and even the occasional coyote (not so welcome) roam the area. Beneath our front porch we've even hosted at least two families of skunks (you may imagine the smell), plus a litter of foxes we'd occasionally catch at play. We see hawks at times, and birds whose names I honestly don't know, shame on me. All I know is they have rather long legs and look heron-like. Even the occasional hummingbird stops by, though we're very lucky to catch that.

But in the spring, when the bulbs start blooming, the deer come closer for a snack. And we're frankly too busy to do anything about that, save curse them for their cheekiness. It would be nice to enjoy our own lilies for at least a few days, though I'm sure they make a sweet snack.

In any event, despite the fact I know winter's not completely done with us just yet, at least we have a few reassuring signs its icy grip is beginning to relent. Another spring is upon us.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. Beautiful Picture. I too am so ready for spring. We have deer that make their way from the Fox River through our yard and taste our delicious tulips. They are picky about the colors they will eat though. Keep up the great writing. You are an inspiration to us all. Sue Schuerr


  2. Your garden sounds so magnificent I’m drooling with envy.
    You can, however, keep the hard work and effort in your other recent posts. Reading about your life makes me so glad I’m retired and the children are grown and (almost) flown.


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