Photo of the Day


Do You See What I See?

Here's what I told my husband, "I want to take a picture of the tree the way it looks to me without my glasses." The above is close, but not exact. I see more rays shooting out of each light. The effect is more 3D when I look at the tree. But this is a pretty close approximation - about as close as you can get with a camera, apparently.

See what playing around with manual focus can get you? That is, if you're married to an engineer who can tell you, "Do this, not that. Now do this. That's it!"

English majors like me are just missing that gene, I guess. I'm lucky I don't walk with my knuckles scraping the ground. Mine drag just slightly above.

One thought on “Photo of the Day

  1. I know exactly what you mean about how the tree looks – except I now see double as well. You’ve set me a challenge, now. I’m dying to try to recreate it on camera….


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