Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree! It’s darn cold you’ll have to do …


On Saturday we went to pick out our Christmas tree. Though the day was a lot warmer than Friday, when temperatures were in the single digits, it was so windy it felt at least ten degrees colder than it actually was. We thought we were being smart waiting a day to pick out our tree, but honestly it was nearly unbearable being out in that wind.

I think that played a role in the fact we found ourselves happy with the first tree we saw, a lovely 6.5- ish Fraser fir. That was record time for us, but it's funny how nice something seems when it means agreeing equals getting back into warmth more quickly.

A chorus: "Yes, yes, that one's FINE, now LET'S GO!"


Mr. Home Depot dude rang us up in short order, and off we went.

I realize now I don't even know what we paid for the tree. That's another thing the wind rendered moot.


It took a good hour and a half to two hours dragging out decorations and loading up the tree with lights and ornaments. Atop our tree we have the same sort of cheesy metallic star I always knew as a child. We also own two different angels - one (a "country" sort of style one made of raffia with Spanish moss hair) given to me by one of the bridesmaids in my wedding , the other (a porcelain faced one in an off-white dress) I picked up on a trip to Wisconsin not long after I got married - but the kids prefer this star.

There's no accounting for taste. Then again, I hear retro is the new trendy.


And on the tree? Several hundred lights, God knows how many ornaments, and a few wee pine cones sprinkled hither and yon.

I'll post more photos as the week progresses.

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