Dear White Sox

Let me clarify something. When I said "Let's Go!" I meant let's make every effort to WIN. Perhaps I was unclear in my statement, and for that I apologize.

Your loss to the Detroit Tigers? The one in which the score was 9-1 in that team's favor? I was kind of hoping that would go the other way, you know? That's SOX win, TIGERS lose.

All season long the stress of your ping-pong with the Twins has been giving me heartburn. Now, four and a half-ish games behind the Twins, you're kind of in a tight spot. See, the objective here is for the TWINS to lose, and YOU to win. That's cause for happy, happy, joy, joy, because that would help you clinch the Division Title.

We (fans of major league ball in the city of Chicago, as opposed to the little league ball played by the team across town) love you. *I* love you. It's getting down to the wire. This is serious, serious stuff. Don't let us down, 'kay?

Love and kisses,

All baseball fans with any actual love of the game in Chicago




3 thoughts on “Dear White Sox

  1. I must share this little story. On Friday evening, Gal Pal Beau and I went to the Joliet Jackhammers (no snickering) baseball game (in Joliet of course). His family, all White Sox fans, was in attendance. He bought and wore a Minnesota Twins t-shirt. They were all quite mollified when he told that a colleague had the perfect retort when Mike showed him the shirt…wait for it…”Twins? I would have thought quintuples!” I’m gonna get killed for this one… but we were watching that game last night. We too were yelling at the TV but with different intent and for the other team… Sorry!


  2. Oh no! No need to apologize! With the OTHER TEAM out of the running it’s natural you’d be watching the TEAM IN CONTENTION play! And, as for the Twins? Every now and then we like to help other teams feel a bit better about themselves. We’re very kind that way. But, again, the poor OTHER TEAM has nothing to watch that’s of any significance. Poor dears!


  3. P.S.: That is, having HAD the wealth to share SO RECENTLY, we know what it’s like to be on the other side. So close, yet so far. You know, like when you win the pennant then CHOKE? And oh, you know.


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