Mission Improbable

Today's carpet stain day Chez Guidarini. I was kinda planning it, because we're having people over this Saturday (Weird, I know), but what happened this morning pushed me over the edge. My daughter went out to the garage to get her makeup and came back in asking, "What the heck rolled over and died in the van?" After we'd finished blaming each other, the culprit materialized. It was a forgotten/missed gallon of MILK that had spoiled and leaked all over the damn place.


I drove the kids to school with the windows rolled down, and of course it was only in the 50s outside this morning. The smell of asphalt from the road construction we had to drive through was like roses in comparison. Then, the smell of cut grass from a bank's property. After that it was Nasty City, USA. Population: 3.

So there's that to remedy, and also the carpeting in the house itself. It's grotesque, and not from spoiled milk. I clean at least the living room carpeting every three months or so, since a herd of elephants keeps breaking into the house and charging through. But most of the house really needs it now. I'm planning on doing the family room, master bedroom, upstairs hall, stairs and living room. And on the seventh day, I'll rest.

(Pause, in which Lisa goes shopping for "supplies.")

Et voilà! I am back! (The magic that is the internet is endless.) I got my carpet cleaning supplies, and, what do you know, a few other things besides!:


-  lined curtains for the master bedroom (only had valances before). In cream, of COURSE.

-  a big rug for the living room, since we're not replacing the gross carpeting anytime soon:




Dammit! That picture on the wall is crooked! I fight that thing all the time.

Oh, and pop quiz: can you tell which two cushions on the sofa have had their covers washed? They DO wash, but stuffing them again is a living nightmare.



– a gorgeous painting for the family room:




Thirty dollars! At Home Goods! THIRTY DOLLARS! And it's on canvas! THIRTY DOLLARS!

(Girl likes her bargains.)

– Two lidded wicker baskets to hold books I normally keep beside the bed (And look! There are those cream curtains!):



-  this metal thingie for the 1st floor bathroom wall ($ 12.00 at Home Goods!):




– a bunch of cleaning supplies

– and a partridge in a pear tree

Holy cow! Is that the time? I have to get ready for work, pick up the kids, then go to work. No time to clean carpets today.

Awww… What a shame.

Tune in tomorrow for The Great Domestic Adventure, Part II…

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