Here it is, in all its glory.


Some refer to this as sheepskin, but I think of it as A BIG ASS RAISE AND PROMOTION. How sweet it is.

Yesterday I received in the mail an invitation to join the honor society for MLIS. I wondered why I hadn't been asked before, considering how hard I worked to graduate with a high GPA. But I suppose 'tis the way of things. In case my grades were to suddenly plummet, perhaps from my giving in to a latent life of debauchery, this esteemed society had to be sure of success before it went offering.

I graduated in two honor societies with my B.A. degree – one the college's own honor society, the other the English Literature Honor Society – Lambda Iota Tau. Neither asked me for money, which is why I'm left scratching my head. The MLIS society is asking me for $ 85 in order to accept me as a member. Eighty-five dollars? Are ye mad? Is this usual? I wouldn't think so.

As my daughter put it, "You already have a job. Why would you need that?"

Point well taken, but it's something that looks good on the resume. Not that I plan to leave, but what if Paul gets transferred (GOD FORBID) or something and I'm thrust out into a cold and cruel world?

Fiddlesticks. I can't decide what I should do. The certificate would be great to have, giving me ONE MORE THAN PAUL HAS ON OUR DEGREE WALL. Hard to put a price tag on that. But $ 85?


One thought on “Here it is, in all its glory.

  1. They send it to you first? Then they ask for the money after you’ve been all pumped up by the way it looks and what it could possibly mean? (They are some smart folk)


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