We have nothing more serious to worry about?


Vacation, people! She's on vacation! This is the western United States, and the family's heading to the Grand Canyon – a desert landscape. And Michelle Obama is in shorts. And we care, because…?

One hundred and six degrees. What would you wear? Maybe a light summer dress, getting off Air Force One. I see the point, sort of. But faulting her for dressing for the weather, for living a normal life in the few opportunities she has? It's emotionally healthy for the first family to live like average humans when they're off the clock. It's a tough job. Possibly the hardest on earth. Worrying how they look is just, plain stupid. Let her have a little down time. Let her refuse to adhere to outdated expectations of propriety.

If this were Queen Elizabeth, or, say, the Pope, it may be a little shocking. Actually, I'd pay money to see either one of them in shorts. Especially the queen. But Michelle Obama? If no one had pointed it out I wouldn't have noticed. Big deal. The media's pouncing on this like she'd come off the plane naked. Sheesh.

Why don't we expend our energy worrying about things that really matter, not distracting the world from important issues by chasing fashion stories? Our economy's in the toilet, and we're worrying about shorts. What's wrong with that picture?

Memo to the Press Corps: Get. A. Life.

One thought on “We have nothing more serious to worry about?

  1. Good luck to her – and her legs are better than the Pope’s or, I imagine, the Queen’s and certainly mine! I think the whole idea of the press pouncing on her is simply to divert us from the real issues of the day. It has been a tactic of the media for a century or more. I don’t mind the principle of looking for diverting issues but I wish they didn’t feel they had to pick on people to do it.


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