I submitted my final term paper of the semester last evening at 10:30 p.m. What a relief hitting that "Upload File" button! That paper was a lot of work – a 10 page critical piece on a book. I poured source after source into it, ensuring it would cement what I think will be an A in that course. Crossing fingers.

This was the single toughest semester of my grad school career. When I first saw the length of the three syllabi I thought for certain I'd have to drop one of the courses, but I perservered with a lot of stupidity resolve. And it meant making a lot of sacrifices, spending hours upon hours studying and having anxiety attacks.


Never have I had so many papers to write and books to read in one semester, including my undergraduate career as a literature major. I can't even tell you how many. I lost track. And the papers were big, requiring lots of research and much pulling out of hair.

I missed one small assignment this semester, worth only a couple of points, but otherwise I completed everything. The secret was to take it week by week, paper by paper. One of the papers I started almost immediately, as it didn't require learning something in advance. It was a bibliography of 25 articles related to subjects librarians should know – things like new technology, eBooks, demographics, that sort of thing, plus an essay on how I found the information, what trends I noticed, etc. Easy enough if you start it early. That wound up being a good move as it saved me having to scramble at the end.

Still basking in the glow; it feels unreal. But I'll get used to it quickly. Now comes that long wait for the grades – biting nails. They should be in by next week, hopefully. And, the decision on where to spend my practicum – working eight hours a week at another library, for a full semester – and one final course. What a breeze that will be compared to this semester!


2 thoughts on “DONE AT LAST!

  1. I’m so happy for you! I remember your posts at the beginning of the semester, when you were very pessimistic about your chances of making it through. Take the time to give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back, and store this in our memory bank for those times when self-doubt creeps in. In addition to attaining your goal, you’re setting a great example for your kids. You’re positively inspirational!


  2. Carolyn, thank you! It’s been a rough semester. I’m so burned out right now, and enjoyed sitting with the family last night watching ‘American Idol’ and other garbage TV. Well, I was also reading a review book. Or trying to. I’m too much into multitasking, and I really need to learn to just RELAX. I think I need another retreat …


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