Short-winded, for once.

Temperatures still frigid; another day off school for my kids. Another day at work for me. I had no choice as it was "staff training" day. We learned how to use the computer software we've been using for the past few months. Our training is nothing if not timely. The good news? Free lunch.

It's the weekend. Thank God. Snow expected tomorrow. And maybe Sunday. Not so thankful for that.

Last weekend before grad school classes start. Must remember to par-tay. Strike that. Must remember to nap.

Other than that, life status quo.

Hug kiss,


2 thoughts on “Short-winded, for once.

  1. Some are more excrutiating than others. One time we got to build structures out of straws, with the tallest one winning. The aim was teamwork. Still trying to figure that one out, but it was entertaining.


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