Bluestalking Timeline: Crisis and Resolution

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

2:40 p.m.

Middle child: Mom, my report on the digestive system’s due tomorrow.

BSR: Ummm…. Report? The one you told me about last week, but you didn’t know the due date? The one we thought wasn’t due for weeks?

Middle child: Yeah, that one.

BSR: You were going to ask the teacher when it was due…

Middle child: I forgot, but it’s due tomorrow. I have to do a model of the digestive system in clay. And I have to write a report on all the organs.

BSR:  Oh… (BSR flushes, grips steering wheel harder)

3:00 p.m.

Intrepid team arrives at craft/hobby store, in pursuit of clay.

3:30 p.m.

Team departs craft/hobby store with one huge tub of clay in four colors, one car model (for youngest child, to keep him occupied) and two photo storage boxes (well, they WERE on sale…).

3:45 p.m.

Popcorn popping at team headquarters, lemonade at the ready. Look of concern on all faces (well, save youngest child, who frankly couldn’t be bothered as he had a new car model).

4:00 – 4:59 p.m.

Team member BSR forms the esophagus, the first of the 10 required organs. BSR and middle child work feverishly, forming organs from clay.

Middle and youngest child snicker at proper usage of word “anus.” Hilarity ensues. Middle child ponders as to how the planet “Uranus” was named. Continued hilarity.

BSR operates label maker madly.

5:00 p.m.

“Mr. Digestion” completed

Img_0460 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Summary of various organs completed (i.e., written report).

8:01 p.m.

BSR breathes sigh of relief. Another crisis averted.

10 thoughts on “Bluestalking Timeline: Crisis and Resolution

  1. Ah, those were the days… Nowadays I just have to proofread “Similarities and Differences between the Portrayal of Women in ‘Medea’ and ‘I Will Marry Where I Want’ “.
    At 10.45 at night.
    Ready for first period tomorrow.
    Oh, and I’m kind-of hungry, Mum. Is there any hot chocolate?
    Yeah, you’re right, some things never change.


  2. Our best one was 9pm being told “oh we’re making Christmas Cakes tomorrow, I need all these ingredients” That had us knocking on the door of the village shop at 8am.


  3. Proofreading, ugh, I guess that puts the digestive system in perspective!
    Incidentally, middle child may have been trumped by the girl who used hoses for the intestines. However, I was told she forgot to connect the large and small intestines, which in anyone’s book is an organ faux pas… 😉


  4. Dovegrey, that IS a pretty good one, I’d have to agree!
    Middle child also told me yesterday he has an orchestra concert tomorrow. Same thing happened the last time dear daughter had her concert. I knew of it two entire days in advance. In her case, of course she didn’t have ANYTHING to wear, so it entailed running out just before the concert to buy white shirt and nylons.


  5. My son needed Mexican clothing for “An International Christmas”. When? Tomorrow morning. What time was this? Oh, shortly before bedtime. I went to the craft store, but hurrying, backed into the car across the street…ah, memories
    The digestive system looks great!


  6. Our best was a last minute costume for a play. While it came complete with instructions, I don’t sew a stitch and the instructions assumed that you knew the basics, like how to put in a zipper or turn a sleeve — the kind of thing you can’t do with fusable webbing or tape. Or a staple gun. Good thing for 24 hr stores or I would have had to cut up bedsheets or something for fabric too. Now I only get: “Mom I need money. Have a track meet tomorrow. In another state.”


  7. A staple gun for a costume, now that’s inspired! I can’t say I’m above it, either. My son has to dress as George Washington, as a part of his biography report, but he mysteriously “doesn’t know when.” The potential for another last-minute effort is definitely in the works. It’s almost thrilling, and maybe I won’t have him ask his teacher for a date this time. Not that that request did me any good LAST time, of course…


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