I know it sounded like I said I'd post the giveaway photos on Wednesday but what I really meant to say was Thursday. The misunderstanding is understandable.


Here's the Deal:


Three GIVEAWAYS, three BOOKS EACH + one t-shirt per GIVEAWAY.


The butt kickin' t-shirt every prize package gets:







George Orwell – Animal Farm

John Steinbeck – Of Mice and Men

John Irving – A Prayer for Owen Meany


Prize Package # 2:



John Steinbeck – Of Mice and Men

John Irving – A Prayer for Owen Meany

James Joyce – Dubliners


Prize Package #3:




James Joyce – Dubliners

Kurt Vonnegut – Slaughterhouse-Five

Ken Kesey – One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Next


How You Win:


Comment. Comment once and you're in for all the drawings. Specify you want only a certain GIVEAWAY PACKAGE and I'll enter you only in that, though it's a bit silly, when you could triple your chances.

However, you cannot win more than one GIVEAWAY PACKAGE. Once your name is drawn you're taken out of the running for the other two.

The contest runs from now through Sunday, October 2 at midnight Central Standard Time (Chicago).


Oh, and caveat, U.S. addresses only. So sorry about that! But I blew my budget on the books and t-shirts. It's not that I don't love you, world!

Hug kiss.







There But for The by Ali Smith – everyone’s a winner!!





Turns out all three of you have won a hardback copy of Ali Smith's 'There But for The'!

I opened another package from Random House that was sitting on my office at work. I'll let you guess what it contained.

Yet. Another. Hardback. Copy.



I've gotten multiple free review copies of books before, but never have the stars aligned so weirdly for any other title. So the three of you may have the hardbacks, and I have the paperback review copy I've already started reading (and marking up).

Suzanne and Shari, I KNOW WHERE TO FIND YOU!!

Rachael, I'll need you to send me a preferred snail mail address to my email:  Currently I have no way of contacting you save via this post.

Congrats all, and thanks for playing!

Book Giveaway: There But for The by Ali Smith


"This startling lark from Smith (The Accidental) is so much more than the sum of its parts. Both breezy and devastating, the novel radiates from its whimsical center: Miles Garth, a dinner party guest, decides to leave the world behind and lock himself in his hostess’s spare room, refusing to come out and communicating only by note. Four charmers with tenuous links to Miles, nicknamed Milo by the growing crowd camped outside the suburban Greenwich London house, narrate the proceedings: Anna, a girl who knew Miles briefly in the past; Mark, a melancholy gay man who Miles met watching Shakespeare at the Old Vic; May Young, an elderly woman who Miles helped grieve her daughter’s death; and the wonderful, "preternaturally articulate" Brooke, arguably the cleverest 10-year-old in contemporary literature. Together, they create a portrait not so much of Miles—because none of them really knows him—but of the zeitgeist of their society. In a lovely departure, and in spite of the fact that there is not one ordinary, carefree character in this whole tale, all parents are literate, loving, and tolerant: though Mark is exhausted and sad, his famous mum speaks to him, in verse no less, from beyond the grave; though May is trapped in dementia, she was a kind mother to her ill-fated daughter; and though Brooke is clearly plagued by attention deficit disorder and is misunderstood and disliked at school, her parents love her dearly. This fine, unusual novel is sweet and melancholy, indulgent of language and of the fragile oddballs who so relish in it." –Publishers Weekly (starred and boxed review)"


Looks like Ali Smith's publisher is bound and determined I WILL read and review this book, considering to date they've sent me three copies: two hardbound and one ARC.

Want one of the hardbacks? Couldn't be easier!

Comment on this post (bribery and outrageously over the top compliments accepted, and may improve your chances), make sure I have some way to contact you to let you know you've won, and that's it!

I'll run the contest through this Friday night at midnight, Central Standard Time (Chicago), shipping as soon as I have your preferred delivery address (next day, if you're on the ball).

Caveat: U.S. addresses only, please. My piggy bank is getting low.