// FAQs

How long have you been inflicting upon us your obnoxious blogging at Bluestalking?

I started Bluestalking on another hosting site, Blogger or whatever, sometime around 2006. From there, I moved everything to Typepad, but got tired of paying to blather, so sucked up my courage and imported everything to WordPress.

Ta da!

You seem to pretty much live your life on the sofa, or facing the corner weeping quietly. Do you have a real life? A family?


Second: I have three adult children – one girl and two boys. Two done got their college educashions – my daughter in psychology, my older son in Spanish, MAGNA CUM LAUDE,THANKS VERY MUCH – and my youngest son is still in college, studying software engineering. I’m counting on him to support me in my dotage.

After 26 years of miserable marriage, I was divorced in 2015. I cannot imagine why I’m still single.

Ta da!

Do you do anything aside from watching Netflix, reading books, and avoiding writing?


Do you have a college educashion?

I do. I have a B.A. in English literature from Dominican University, River Forest, IL, as well as a Masters in Library and Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

I’m book smart, but street dumber than a box of things that are really dumb.

Is your hair naturally red?

Next question.

How did you get your start reviewing?

That took some leg work. I began shortly after I started my first job at my public library. Publishers sent free proof copies to the librarians (which I wasn’t, yet), so I got my hands on a few of those, wrote reviews, then rather cheekily contacted the publishers to ask for more books. From there, it snowballed into writing for Library Journal and Booklist, and beyond. I always kept reaching for that next rung.

Do you write anything aside from reviews and blogging?

Yes. I dabble in a bit of fiction, and have every intention of writing articles for publication. I’m just really good at avoidance, as are all writers.

How do you pronounce Guidarini?

If you’re the world at large, you say it any old damn way you want. Officially, it’s phonetic: gwee-duh-ree-nee. But I’ve heard just about everything, which is why I need to re-marry and QUICKLY.

Did I mention I’m single?