“The Names” former poet laureate Billy Collins, on 9/11   Names etched on the head of a pin. One name spanning a bridge, another undergoing a tunnel. A blue name needled into the skin. Names of citizens, workers, mothers, and fathers, The bright-eyed daughter, the quick son. Alphabet of names in a green… Read More 9-11-2016


magnolia cemetery, charleston, s.c. Few things make me more irate than seeing the confederate flag placed on a grave as a supposed gesture of honor. There is no honor for traitors.


New photo published on Tumblr. I guess directing you there is kind of lame, so I’ll post it  here: magnolia cemetery, charleston, s.c. But you’ll still have to go here to read about it… Hey, I have to get traffic over there somehow. What I found striking about this particular composition was both the framing… Read More photos