Women’s Prize for Fiction Longlist 2018: the Debut Novelists

I’m still pretty amazed finding six of the longlisted novels for the Women’s Prize for Fiction are debuts. Six of sixteen. That’s a big chunk, nearly half. I can do math! These women are incredible, each one. I may normally quibble and grumble about first-time novelists snagging such a prestigious longlist nomination, but after reading … Continue reading Women’s Prize for Fiction Longlist 2018: the Debut Novelists

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2019 The Valedictorian of Being Dead by Heather B. Armstrong 2018 [1] Educated by Tara Westover [] It’s All Relative by A.J. Jacobs [] The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell [] Miss Jane by Brad Watson [] Reservoir 13 by Jon McGregor [] The Comforters by Muriel Spark 2017 []  Gorsky by Vesna Goldsworthy [] … Continue reading // Reviews

SQUEEEE!!!! Part Deux: The Viragos

virago One entry found for virago. Main Entry: vi·ra·go Pronunciation: v&-‘rä-(")gO, -‘rA-; ‘vir-&-"gOFunction: nounInflected Form(s): plural -goes or -gosEtymology: Middle English, from Latin viragin-, virago, from vir man — more at VIRILE1 : a loud overbearing woman : TERMAGANT2 : a woman of great stature, strength, and courage – vi·rag·i·nous /v&-‘ra-j&-n&s/ adjective I love the … Continue reading SQUEEEE!!!! Part Deux: The Viragos