mood music: to the ends of the earth by lord huron

My daughter introduced me to Lord Huron and I’m smitten. We have strangely similar taste in music. Well, mostly. I like all the same indie music she does. Most of the same indie music, let’s not go crazy.

Pretty weird.

I never had that degree of affinity with the woman who happened to conceive and give birth to me. The woman undeserving of the word “mother,” but alas. It’s her name I’m stuck putting on forms and such.

What can you do?

But my daughter and I are incredibly synchronized when it comes to music.

Enjoy Lord Huron.  They’re one of my new favorites.


I said we’re all gonna die but I’ll never believe it
I love this world and I don’t wanna leave it
Said that death is a deal that you cannot refuse
But I love you, girl and I don’t wanna lose you

Don’t want a long ride, I don’t wanna die at all
I wanna be the man who lives forever
I ain’t never gonna die and I want you to come

I said life is a tale, it begins and it ends
And forever’s a word that we can’t understand
Well, I know that my life’s better when we’re together
So why can’t our story just go on forever?


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