Stop the world…




It’s here… My copy of the UK edition of Sebastian Barry’s The Temporary Gentleman has arrived, via! I could have kissed the mailbox, I was so thrilled. Lucky for the postman I didn’t catch him delivering the mail or I could have had a nasty situation on my hands.

Despite my very best efforts – and I can be quite a pest when the situation calls for it (ahem) – I could not beg, borrow or steal an early review copy. Not for love or money, though I did beg Faber & Faber to loosen their restriction on allowing US reviewers access to an ebook copy, which wouldn’t have bothered me quite so badly if they’d have replied to my email, rather than disregarding it completely. (Admittedly, they had already rejected me via NetGalley, where I get access to so many ebook review editions). So I had to wait impatiently for the UK release, which I’d have done in either case, if I’d read it early or not. C’est la vie.

With other reviews pending, plus a full work and event schedule, I still must squeeze in as thorough a read through TTG as possible. It’s a difficult time but I’m not sure any time isn’t. There’s always something. I’ll start this evening and will probably become so absorbed I won’t resurface until forced to sleep.

My current bedtime read of Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch has been going on several weeks now, mostly because I cannot rush such a gorgeous (and huge) book and I am besotted, positively intoxicated with a new-found infatuation with Donna Tartt. However, TTG is short, though densely packed. I should be able to finish the first run-through in short order and once I have, deliver my own opinions.

But calloo, callay! IT HAS ARRIVED, AT LAST.




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