Authors Who Love Libraries

A Tight Buns and Sensible Shoes (my library advocacy blog) post:





1).  Were you a public library user as a kid? Any special memories of the library, its collection or librarians?

We had a tiny public library in my village (in Scotland in the 1960s). I haunted that place – there was no bookshop in the village. It was a big thrill for me when, aged 12, I was told I could now borrow from the adult section and need not confine myself to children’s stories.


2).  How do you think libraries can compete in this technologically-based era? What would make you more likely to hang out there and use our services?

How can libraries stay relevant? Well, that’s up to the users. Parents of small children need to know that their local library is a valuable asset. Once inside, if they find the environment welcoming and relaxing, they’ll come back – and their kids will grow to think of the library as a second home. Those kids will grow into the adult readers of the future.


3). Could you recommend a couple books and/or authors you love, which all libraries should own?

Authors/books all libraries should have – don’t underestimate the comic book/graphic novel as art form and gateway drug! Teenagers often give up on books because they feel school is telling them what to read. Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Frank Millar, etc – these are great writers. And versions of literary classics can also be found in graphic novel form.



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