And so she disappears for two months, then returns with a photo that looks mighty ominous…

No connection. I just liked it.

I got a job. A job a job a job! At last, after eight months’ spent sending out resumes to dozens and dozens of potential employers. All those interviews. What a nightmare. But I’m a librarian again, an Adult Services Librarian (don’t get any ideas) working at a wee library in a town that was an actual town before the suburbs came barreling through, incorporating it into the greater Chicago Metro Area. I live in just such a town, now I work in another.


And it’s wonderful… Great people, lots of encouragement to be creative. ENCOURAGEMENT. That’s a great thing.

Still reading, reviewing only for myself and soon for my library. Nothing’s slowed down, though. I’ve simply replaced activities: no longer spending my days revising my resume to fit each job and working too many little jobs that paid too little for too many people. And it is nice, let me tell you. Nice.

Because I have a job!




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