4 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. I was telling my son last night about his, now deceased, great uncle who was interned in a Japanese prisoner of war camp and who was one of those who built the bridge over the River Kwai. He never talked about it and his wife said that he was a different person when he returned home. She knew he was tortured due to the scars on his body. He died relatively young. I always remember visiting my aunt and uncle and he would be sitting quietly in his chair either reading or watching television. I don’t remember him ever talking. Thank God I never had to go through anything like that.


  2. Both my grandfathers were in WW II but I don’t know much about it. I guess they weren’t up for talking about it, either. My maternal grandfather died when I was tiny but I’ve heard nothing from others in the family. It’s a truly awful, sad thing…


  3. My uncle died when I was young so my memories of him are rather nebulous. Can I ask a big fat favour. I decided to split my blog on blogger and start one on WordPress. Would you mind adding my WordPress blog to your blogroll?


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