Sebastian Barry! Another award!


Letteroceltic2h, how my heart does soar when he's honored. It's had the opportunity twice in as many weeks, too.


First, the Walter Scott Prize for historical fiction for his most recent novel 'On Canaan's Side,' and now an Honorary Doctorate in Literature from the National University of Ireland at Galway "for his unmatched contribution to the field of literature."

Unmatched! Contribution!




How happy it does make my heart, I cannot express. There's no one more deserving and I know I talk about the poor man ad nauseum, still he hasn't seemed to mind so far. I do get the odd note from him so he doesn't seem too frightened of me. Nothing asking me to run away with him or anything but rather humbly expressing  his thanks.

If you haven't read his work you must. If you read only one of his books make it A Long Long Way. It will move you to tears, I guarantee it.




I'm very partial but I absolutely believe this is one of the top ten finest novels of the 21st century, already a classic novel of WWI. It's one of the reasons I'm very, very partial.

Unmatched! Contributon!

Tears of joy. How it does swell my heart with pride.

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