Friday Web Trawl: Lit, Books & Other Links



Some stuff I found just lying around, taking up space. Thought I'd bring it here to see if anyone was interested. Oh, and I'm finding myself adding to it, which is poor blogsmanship:

Serious artists in very unserious moods: photos

What books impress a girl? Paris Review article.

Nicholas Cage cats via neatorama

I want these piglet feet!:


Also via neatorama

Open Letters to People Unlikely to Respond via McSweeney's

    An Open Letter to the Kid Scooping Raisins Out of the Bulk Bin and Dumping Them On the Floor by Genevieve Knapp (6/8/2012)


Salman Rushdie Fatwa Turned Into Video Game: via Guardian UK

Ultimate Guide to Writing Better Than You Do via McSweeney's

The Only Books You'll Ever Need to Read in Life via BuzzFeed


Library of Congress: Books That Shaped America

Of these I've read 20 for certain and there are a couple I can't recall if I have or not. You know, they sound familiar but who can keep track?

Question: Why does The Catcher in the Rye figure SO heavily on SO many lists? I've read it twice: once as a teen, once as an adult, and I found it okay as a teen and a little dull as an adult. It's a coming of age thing, I know, but it's neither the first nor the best, if you ask me. Even if you didn't ask me, it's not the best.

FYI: There are free etexts of these:

American Cookery by Amelia Simmons (1796) – If you  have a strong stomach, check out how you dress a turtle. I may have nightmares.

The American Woman's Home by Beecher/Beecher Stowe (1869) – Loads of fun here!  Wouldn't want the Beechers coming around my house. Not without the smelling salts.


Woman's profession embraces the care and nursing of the body in the critical periods of infancy and sickness, the training of the human mind in the most impressible period of childhood, the instruction and control of servants, and most of the government and economies of the family state. These duties of woman are as sacred and important as any ordained to man; and yet no such advantages for preparation have been accorded to her, nor is there any qualified body to certify the public that a woman is duly prepared to give proper instruction in her profession.

This unfortunate want, and also the questions frequently asked concerning the domestic qualifications of both the authors of this work, who have formerly written upon such topics, make it needful to give some account of the advantages they have enjoyed in preparation for the important office assumed as teachers of woman's domestic duties.



You can probably find some of the others for free, too. I was just primarily interested in these two, what with being a woman and all.

 You're looking at £ 40,000 worth of book:




"Along with Miss Marple, Poirot is the most famous character from Agatha Christie’s much-loved detective stories, appearing in 33 novels, 51 short stories and 1 play (Black Coffee) published between 1920 and 1975."




"The auction was won by a rare book collector who said he felt he got the edition ‘rather cheaply’."


I think twice before I buy at Half-Price books (well, sometimes). And this is cheap? This? I need to get this gent in the family and NOW.





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