How to make your blog audience (blogience?) love you



All you gotta do, apparently, is interview A.J. Jacobs. Who knew?

I don’t check my blog stats (blats?)  every day, especially not when the weather turns warmer, because that’s when everyone’s out skipping through meadows, eating popsicles, doing everything but READING MY BLOG. My numbers turn rather grim the better the weather gets. So I guess that makes my audience cold weather friends.

Really, internets? Really? When the weather’s lovely, don’t you want to stop by and see what I’m posting, if it’s something about a good book, a mournful complaint about losing my iPhone or view one of my photos?    


When I sats me down at the computer this morning – on this soggy, rainy day – I found this big, ole  surprise, along with my bowl of strawberry frosted mini-wheats: a major spike in my hits. Since I can see what posts you’re visiting (I WATCH YOU THROUGH YOUR CURTAINS, TOO), I figured out within two pages of investigation that it was A.J. who brought you here.


Now, I don’t mind that. Not at all. He’s a sweetheart and I like him, too. For a real writerly fella he has no ego problem – especially not if he’ll talk to me. But what do I do the other 364 days a year? Post a different photo of him?


Ah, well. I guess book bloggers aren’t necessarily the most exciting people on the planet. Sniff! There are loads and loads of us. Sniff! I know where I stand. I’ll slowly walk away now, head bent,  tears dripping on my toes, and get my cup of coffee. I’ll work on revising my review for Library Journal, then start reading something else. And you’ll go back to watching today’s top YouTube video, texting it up ’til it goes viral.

No, don’t worry about me! I’m okay!


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