Oh, yes. She went there.

Be I ever so humble, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single librarian in possession of a [bit of] good [news] must be in want of a [forum.] This, Internets, is my forum.

And there is much rejoicing.



Ladies and gentlemen of the Internets, I present to you my friend, amiga, peer and person knownst to me: Amy Gail Hansen.

Ms. Hansen has been knownst to me these last several years. When first we met she was a reporter for a local newspaper, for which I also wrote a "new books" column on behalf of the library, now sadly defunct. She interviewed me for something I was doing for the library:  something, I'm sure, GREAT AND INNOVATIVE, beyond fabulosity. Something which has slipped my mind, but no less IMPORTANT.

When second or third we met, she had joined the writers' group I formed at our library, for which I had very great hopes, with a fair amount of FEAR, as I was so very new and frightened, indeed. Henceforth, as they are wont to say, BUILD IT AND THEY SHALL COME. Internets, come they did.

And then the group did prosper.

Verily, it prospereth to this very day, having helped along the interests of many members, some of whom have published pieces and works of a various and sundry nature, others who have just had jolly good fun while enjoying snacks sweet and/or savory and lolling about.

So here we are, in the present day. A young woman, once reporter and writer of nonfiction, has – through times of much work and several revisions – completed and sold the manuscript of her FIRST NOVEL. To a MAJOR PUBLISHING HOUSE located in NEW YORK! CITY!


MenworkingnyNew York! City!


You may relax for a bit, loll and imbibe as you wish, over the next 365 days or so. As Ms. Amy Gail Hansen updates me, I shall update you.

BUT! The working title may not wind up being the published title. So no, I will not tell you that lest I impart faulty information.

I hope you will feel a fraction of the joy and pride I do as to Ms. Amy Gail Hansen's unqualified SUCCESS! Probably not, in which case I beg of you to simply plan now to buy her book in large quantities once it has been PUBLISHED.

Again, I shall keep you updated.




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