While trawling through the web one day…

Welcome to Tuesday, the week before my kids have Spring Break from school. And I don't. For what it's worth, my birthday (March 28) has always fallen the week of their break. When they were little I told them that's the purpose of their week off, to celebrate my birthday. For a while there I'm pretty sure they believed me.

Kids. It's so fun messing with their minds.

Here's some stuff I found on the interwebs. Hope you enjoy it.


This one may make you CRY. It did me, forcing me to face the fact I can't read all these gems:


Have you read any you feel I simply cannot die without having read? Loads of them already on my wish list…


Amazingly wonderful and thoroughly considered blog post re: the current eBook battle between libraries and publishers:



Essay on finding artistic inspiration:



A favorite quote:

"Like many novelists, I tend to experience an existential crisis every time I finish a book. Why bother? Why engage in such an intangible and self-involved vocation when I could be doing something more tangibly and socially useful? (i.e., stopping a pipeline, regrouting the bathroom.) Why write longform narrative in a world that prefers to live swiftly and episodically?"

– Kyo Maclear, from "The Beautiful Afterlife of Dead Books"





Lizzie Skurnick on 50 Shades of Grey: The new self-published eBook erotic thriller that's (inexplicably) shot to the top of the bestseller list.

Review and thoughts on the book from Smart Bitches Trashy Books


Book review lust:





Four First Novels Reviewed:

The Telegraph






And, finally, this Youtube Video: Super Mario Saves the Princess (á la The Family Guy):





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