Photo of the Day



My photos of the day have been, like so much in my life recently, irregular at best. Never did finish posting those Route 66 photos but I can always stick those in here and there as the winter months draaaaaag ooooon and I find myself almost yearning for the incredible heat of the Desert Southwest.

Almost yearning.

Winter depresses me no end, and here it's time for posting the ubiquitous "my garden is dying" series of photos. It's important I plan exciting little events for myself, so I have something to look forward to. It keeps me from jumping off a tall building, though if I could figure out a way to take photos whilst plunging headfirst (protecting my camera from destruction, natch) I could get some cool effects. Mental Note: Hire personal assistant familiar with Photoshop.

Can't fly to Tahiti but maybe I can resume working on altered book/book sculpting/multimedia journal making. It's creativity I don't need to rely on the outdoors to provide. Photography certainly gets boring when life's a vast expanse of white, followed by muddy ugliness then white again. I lose a lot of interest in it then, unless I can get into the city. Much more interesting stuff there.

And, of course, there's always book chat!

Ah, book chat…


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