2 thoughts on “JULIAN BARNES!

  1. A brilliant choice and so well-deserved. Like you I loved the Sebastain Barry and would love to have seen it on the shortlist too. But tell me, has Murakami fever hit the US yet?? 1Q84 has me hypnotised in the same way ( but differently!) that JS&MrN did … remember the book that did for your wrist tendons!!


  2. I do remember the tendon trouble! And I have my eye on 1Q84… I’m soon to start curbing my book buying, though, and may have to wait for it at the library. It’s still ON ORDER, though! Sigh…
    Thanks for the Barry link, by the way! I find him most swoon-ful. Have I mentioned that? If you talk with him please let him know I’m harmless, though. Well, mostly…


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