Lisa’s Grand Banned Books Giveaway

The good thing about writing your own blog is you have sole creative (shut it) control and answer to no one. The bad thing is when life intervenes there's no one to point at and say, "YOU TAKE OVER FOR A WHILE!"

And of course this would have to happen during BANNED BOOKS WEEK, when I'd hoped to do so much.


So here's what I'm gonna did. I'm trying to get a few things accomplished today, of the around the house variety, so there's not much room for bloggery. However, since it is BANNED BOOKS WEEK I am going to work up three PRIZE PACKAGES, photograph them, and hope, HOPE to post those tomorrow.

Each package will consist of one of these t-shirts (Eat Sleep Read, the sale of which benefits the Illinois Library Association):




…and a small pile of books. Because what would a PRIZE PACKAGE mean without books?

You may enter to win one or all three packages but you can only win ONCE.


This is my humble contribution to the BANNED BOOKS WEEK observation. I had hoped to do more, but well, you know… I didn't.

'til tomorrow…