A few of my favorite things: Photo Surrealism.



This just gives me the shivers. It's so gothic and eerie. I would love to have a print of this on my wall.

Wonder how he does it? Mix and match photography, a photo program and maybe some work by hand? That's my best guess.

Talent like this is humbling. I think about how long I sit here tweaking my photos, and how rewarding it is when I like the final results. It's hard to fathom taking it to this extreme. I know I don't have the vision, or talent, for it.

Fine art is leagues away from what most of us do, but there's great benefit to be had working on amateur art projects. Playing around with different media, seeing what comes out, makes you appreciate what goes into making art like this.

However he does it, it's amazing.


The Art:

Photo Surrealism

The Artist:

M.J. Ticcino






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