Books Read 2007 – 2010

(Work in Progress)

Books Read 2007

Red = An All-Time Favorite
        Fisher-Wirth, Ann – Five Terraces
        Fisher-Wirth, Ann – Blue Window
   Levy, David M. – Scrolling Forward: Making Sense of Documents in the Digital Age
   Battles, Matthew – Library: An Unquiet History
   Oates, Joyce Carol – The Gravedigger’s Daughter
        Burroughs, Augusten – Running with Scissors
   Enright, Ann – The Gathering 
            Waldman, Ayelet – Love and Other Impossible Pursuits
       Cohen, Amy – The Late-Bloomer’s Revolution
            Nicholson, William – The Trial of True Love
            Christopher, Nicholas – The Bestiary
   Saterstrom, Selah – The Meat and Spirit Plan
       Abbott,  Karen – Sin in the Second City
                 Atkinson, Ray – The Black Tea Experiments
            Susanne Dunlap – Liszt’s Kiss: A Novel
  Wilson, Antoine – The Interloper
    Oyeyemi, Helen – The Opposite House
        Rendell, Ruth – End in Tears
            Englert, J.F. – A Dog About Town
            Cannell, Dorothy – Withering Heights
            Harris, Wendy K. – Blue Slipper Bay
            Griffith, Michael – Bibliophilia: A Novella and Stories
        Philips, Arthur – Angelica
        Flaubert, Gustave – Bibliomania: A Tale
                   Hellenga, Robert – Philosophy Made Simple
              Egan, Jennifer – The Keep
               Horwood, William – Dark Hearts of Chicago
               McMahon, Jennifer – Promise Not to Tell
    Humes, Edward – Monkey Girl
                 Cibrario, Dominic – The Pomelo Tree
        Baratz-Logsted, Lauren – Ve
        Getze, Jack – Big Numbers
                Russell, Renee – Kate’s  Pride
   Zane, Peder, ed. The Top Ten: Writers Pick Their Favorite Books
   Bechdel, Alison – Fun Home: A Tragicomic
   Savage, Sam – Firmin
        Cavanagh, Mary – The Crowded Bed
    Knox, Tyler – Kockroach
    Chopin, Kate – The Awakening
    Laski, Marghanita – The Victorian Chaise-Longue
        Moorcroft, Sue – Uphill All the Way
    Clinch, Jon – Finn
        Buchwald, Art – Too Soon To Say Goodbye
        Corrigan, Maureen – Leave Me Alone, I’m Reading
        Sessums, Kevin – Mississippi Sissy
            Gaiman, Neil – Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions
        Hawksley, Lucinda – Lizzie Siddal: Face of the Pre-Raphaelites
        Vereker, Susie – An Old-Fashioned Arrangement
    Lethem, Jonathan – Motherless Brooklyn
        Collins, Wilkie – Poor Miss Finch
               Dines, Adrienne – The Jigsaw Maker
Books Read 2008
        Vowell, Sarah – The Wordy Shipmates

         Solove, Daniel – The Digital Person…

        Heinz, Marjorie – Not in Front of the Children…

     Sheldrick, Catherine – Conducting the Reference Interview…

     Intellectual Freedom Manual

    Rosoff, Meg – How I Live Now

     Anderson, M.T. – Feed

         Yang, Gene Luen – American Born Chinese

               Gratz, Alan M. – Samurai Shortstop

            Meyer, Stephenie – Twilight

        Kinney, Jeff – Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    Frost, Helen – Keesha’s House

    Myers, Walter Dean – Monster

        Alexie, Sherman – The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

    Cormier, Robert – The Chocolate War

               Blume, Judy – Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret

       Block, Francesa Lia – Weetzie Bat

        Hinton, S.E. – The Outsiders

                    Daley, Maureen – Seventeenth Summer

        Salinger, J.D. – The Catcher in the Rye

    Barry, Sebastian – The Secret Scripture

        Barry, Brunonia – The Lace Reader

    Haig, Matt – The Dead Fathers Club

            Gray, Claudia – Evernight

         Lansdale, Joe R. – The Leather Maiden

              Buzby, Lewis – Steinbeck’s Ghost

           Canin, Ethan – America America

              Dahme, Joanne – Creepers

               McMurtry, Larry – Books: A Memoir

          Siegel, Lee – Against the Machine

               Dashner, James – The Journal of Curious Letters (Vol. 1)

           Greer, Germaine – Shakespeare’s Wife

         Jackson, Maggie – Distraction: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age

           Summerscale, Kate – The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher

           Rose, Thorina – The Heartbreak Diet

                    Niederhoffer, Galt – The Romantics

                Maynard, Elizabeth Ph.D. –  Writing Through the Darkness

                Park, Ed – Personal Days