Julian Barnes – The Sense of an Ending reviews

Will be the Man Booker winner for Barnes? Express.co.uk:


"The Sense of an Ending is spare in its telling with not a word wasted on its 150 pages, but so much is packed in. By the time one reaches the end, it is not just the novel but the title itself that inspires the reader; not just the end of a life but how a story is told."

Fourth time the charm?



From Bookbag.com:


"It's a joy to read. Thought provoking, beautifully observed with just enough mystery to keep you turning the pages to find out what happened. Books that involve the narrator examining their own actions can get too easily bogged down, but by keeping it brief, this never happens with Barnes. There's insight into the human condition and gentle philosophy without it becoming too introspective. It's very readable literary fiction."



From TimeOut Sydney:


"It’s a strange, slight story given weight by Barnes’ exceptional writing – a description which could equally well apply to his near-thriller Before She Met Me – and at 150 pages, it's barely more than a novella. Perhaps it’s because his rhythms are as familiar as an old friend that The Sense of an Ending didn’t demand my attention the way that his best writing has done in the past (I’d recommend Flaubert’s ParrotA History of the World in 10 ½ Chapters and/or Talking it Over as the finest examples of his craft, myself), but a solid Barnes book is still head and shoulders above the best efforts of most contemporary fiction writers."

3 thoughts on “Julian Barnes – The Sense of an Ending reviews

  1. I enjoyed Talking it Over and I did enjoy reading The Sense of an Ending however I found it somewhat unsatisfactory. It took a while to get my thoughts together but my review is now up on my blog. If you have read it then do drop by and join the discussion.


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