Go the Fuck to Sleep by Adam Mansbach: The controversy

If you haven’t heard about the controversy surrounding this new “adult book about children” you must have been in a coma. And, if you’re awake now, congratulations! Good to have you back! If you went unconscious before Osama got it do you ever have a lot to catch up on. Otherwise, meh. Been pretty quiet.

I haven’t heard a lot of complaints about Go the Fuck to Sleep, mostly because I only listen to/hang out with people like me, who find it funny as all hell. Without a doubt, there are Far-Right groups up in arms over the coarse language, especially when the subject of the book is a child. But the thing is, it isn’t meant to be read to children. If you’re doing that you’re either stupid, inbred, or abusive, and this book had nothing to do with turning you into any of these things.

There’s little to nothing I can say to overcome self-righteous indignation, save HAVE A LOOK AT THE FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION. If the First Amendment allows retarded in-breds from the Westboro Baptist Church to scream small-minded slurs at the families of those burying their children, who died in their service to our country, it sure as hell protects a goofy book designed to lighten up what’s a seriously nerve-shredding experience for everyone who’s ever had children.

For the rest of us, who find the humor where it’s intended, it sure is gratifying knowing we’re not only in good company but can laugh at it in a totally warped way. Wish this had been published back when my kids were little. It would have helped me blow off a lot of steam by use of laughter, rather than tears.

If you don’t agree with the concept, don’t read it. But if you do, here’s a little treat:



2 thoughts on “Go the Fuck to Sleep by Adam Mansbach: The controversy

  1. Right ON! Couldn’t have typed it better myself. I’ll be doing a post on this book and another children’s book not for children titled, “The Littlest Bitch”…probably today.


  2. I’m waiting for NetGalley to let me know if I can read a eBook ARC of this GTFTS), but sometimes it takes a few days for them to get back to me. Fingers crossed! Hadn’t even heard of TLB. Must remedy that…


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