Welcome, lovely people!

To those who are coming to my blog for the first time via Patch (local online newspaper, for those outside the Kingdom of Lovely Algonquin – Gem of the Fox River Valley), very glad to meet you!

My husband and I have lived in Algonquin since 1994, when our 17 year old daughter was nine months old, my two sons mere gleams in their mother's eyes.  My kids go to Algonquin schools, played softball and baseball with the AAYO, hung out at Angel Towne as little ones, and, with the rest of us, continue to endure the godawful traffic getting back and forth across the bridge.

I work at the Algonquin Area Public Library, and usually blog an awful lot about books. I know. Weird. I'm a book reviewer, write bits and pieces here and there, and you're welcome to poke around my blog and see what else I'm about.

In hindsight, some of it's probably going to embarrass me. I'll have to get used to people pointing at me in public because of something I've said, asking how the knee's doing, and many other things it's just too scary to think about. But ah, well! Carry on and all that.


But, welcome. Come often, stay late, and drop me a comment whenever you feel the urge. You may also email me, if you need anything. Until then, I'll be here.

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