Blog Schizophrenia

Sorry about the wonkiness. I can't get Typepad to do what I want it to do, or at least I don't think it's doing it. Can you follow my posts? I tried to fix it so you could, because someone commented he couldn't, and now I have no idea who I am anymore!

I confuse easily.

Anyway, I got irritated so I made the blog plain, choosing the most straight-forward, plain, this is my blog blog.

And if you look at the top of the left column you'll see Steve Martin's face. Somehow our streams have crossed, and he either OWNS me, FOLLOWS me, or otherwise is CONNECTED to Bluestalking.



Anyway, this is my way of saying I'm trying to get some blog work done, and my first order of business was setting up the freaking FOLLOW ME, which I'm not even sure is working. And I'm annoyed. And frustrated. And I have so many other things to do, like write up reviews, send out author interviews, catch up my sidebars to reflect what I've read, where new reviews are and various other things.

I'm breathing deeply.

Let's see how much I can accomplish. I have all evening. Theoretically. And I won't, WILL NOT, pop over to Twitter and check on the status of my wonderful Tweeps or I'll never come up for air again.

I'm off.

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