Sunday Salon – me edition

 So long since I've sat down and just posted a simple blog post with no agenda other than catching up with the world.  It feels like ages. Crazy how busy life can get, between family activities, work, reading and reviewing and such like. Almost feels like I'm back in college, or living the exhausted life when all three children were small. But I have a sneaking suspicion part of this new tiredness comes from age-related maladies, sore and creaky joints that make everything take just that much longer.

Did I just admit that? Am I crazy?

From what I've been posting you'll already have gathered I'm doing loads of reading, even more than I have time to write about. And that sedentary lifestyle hasn't done wonders for my health, making the arthritis flare (I sound like I'm 80, don't I?), the poterior enlarge, and the cardio health go to hades. That's a downside of doing what I do.

That gym membership's starting to get a little more use – not nearly as much as it should, but way more than it's been for the past couple of years. I'm more likely to go regularly if I bring along a book, at least on those days I'm doing solely cardio. My eReader fits in the little holder doohickie. Ditto my iPhone, so I can read using the Kindle App, though that requires advancing the screen every three or four seconds. A little awkward and annoying. But those actual book things? They fit pretty well. Especially the hardbacks. Today I'm bringing along a paperback. We'll see how that goes.

Gearing up for Summer Reading at work, which is making things a touch more busy. Seems like it's just more busy in general lately. Could be partly because I have more areas to order for now, instead of just the gardening section. Now I do etiquette (shut up), weddings, literature, and one section that seems to be a mish-mash of things that don't quite fit anywhere else – like buying/selling on eBay, railroads, and ships and shipping. Oh, and costumes/fashion (shut it, again). It all adds up.

Still bummed I can't go to the New Orleans ALA meeting in June, though. I don't qualify because I'm not full-time. I really thought my MLS would come with a chance to be in the running for those. So far I haven't convinced any library-related entity to send me, either, though not for lack of begging. Don't you think a real-time tweet/blog from me, with photos and everything, would be worth someone's dollar? Good God, yes.

HarperCollins has pissed off the library world, what with their limitations placed on eBooks (requiring libraries to buy new eBooks after every 26 circulations). Maybe they'd send me, in an attempt to mend fences with a source of revenue they'd probably rather not lose. Yeah, so everyone in the library profession would hate my guts for selling out to the enemy. Total rock and a hard place, even in my fantasies. I don't think I'm going about this day dream thing the right way.

In better news, BASEBALL SEASON STARTS NEXT WEEK! WOOOOOOOO!!! Time to sharpen the claws and rip on the Cubs  until they screw up and fall off the face of the earth in September! God, I love that. Few things give me that kind of joy. What makes it that much more satisfying is they practically beg for it, and it's a foregone conclusion they're going to suck like a Bangkok whore. Win/win! I've seen little league teams that could make the Cubs run crying. THIS FEELS GREAT!

I am so insisting we go to a Sox game this year, maybe on Library Day when tickets are half price, and sit in the same place we did last time, near the bullpen. I was so close to A.J.! So, so close. And Buehrle! That totally ruled. So Bobby the Bastard Jenks left us. So what? He stinks now. The Red Sox can have him. @$$hole. Now that spring training's pretty much over, and the reality he's wearing the wrong color sox has sunk in, he's losing it, anyway. May as well be a Cub.

Yes, this is baseball. Welcome to the one thing that makes me lose all decorum and forget all social niceties. If you haven't been here long, BE WARNED.

And, with that, spring has officially sprung.

I may not have caught up on everything, but it's a start. I promise not to be all business all the time, though lately I've been using both my blogs as a sort of reviewing portfolio, which would explain the lack of me in my own posts. But I'm still around. And, hey, time to start thinking about this year's marshmallow Peeps theme!

'Til next time.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – me edition

  1. Awww the ALA who gets to go and who those who don’t “stew”. My boss is going, and is staying for 2 weeks as he has family there…sighhh
    And, as for HC ticking off all the libraries, yes, yes, yes. It seems that is all libraries are talking about.
    Mums the word that I review for HC occaionally….LOL


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