Photo of the day


bleak late winter


'Tis the time of year when I get so sick of winter I'm desperate for any sign of spring, no matter how seemingly insignificant. What passes for consolation right now are the green weeds, which have begun popping up, which is stupid since I know I'll have to be out there pulling them when the weather warms up and the ground dries. In about two months.

Soon my bulbs will start sprouting, making me wish I'd have planted a few hundred more last fall, before the ground got too hard to stick a spade into. The first to bloom are the crocus, which are purple with yellow stamens. Then the daffodils, a mix of yellow on yellow and yellow on white and "double daffodils" which are pretty much what they sound like(variety pack). And, finally, the lilies which pop out a magnificent maroon-ish color, promptly to be cropped off by deer, who feel no compunction whatsoever, maddeningly scoffing at "deer repellent" products. How they laugh at humans! I can imagine their mirth as they stand next to the floral smorgasboard, rhythmically ruminating whatever I prize as they stare off into space, pooping on the grass, providing our dogs with venison hors d'oeurves.

Spring. Would you hurry up already?




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