Doctor Jekyll and Little Miss Hyde

In all the excitement on Tuesday, what with my dogs killing each other and all, I didn’t have a chance to relate one of the weirdest things that happened.

Lia, our more aggressive JRT, stole the bag of chocolate truffles I gave my youngest son for Valentine’s Day. I found the mauled bag in her cage, wrappers scattered all around, so I figured she’d eaten them all. And when a dog eats an entire bag of candy guess what usually happens?

But, in this case, it didn’t. Why? Because apparently she didn’t actually eat them all. Rather, she hid some of them away in random places, like one of the dog beds and the sofa. Most priceless of all, today I was cleaning out the cat’s litterbox, and guess what I found?

Yep! One of the truffles, still wrapped. When I told my son he asked, without a second’s delay, “Can I have it?”

Can’t imagine where he gets his warped mind. And I couldn’t be more proud.

Still, I have to wonder what possessed Lia to hide candy in the first place. What did she think it was, Easter? If so, we’ll really be in trouble when Easter really does get here, and she rips off some plastic eggs. If she’s that good at hiding Valentine candy she’ll clearly stop at nothing when it comes to candy you’re supposed to hide.

Frankly, I don’t think I even want to know.

5 thoughts on “Doctor Jekyll and Little Miss Hyde

  1. Dina, Dark chocolate can be dangerous for dogs, but this was white chocolate. I don’t think it’s even considered actual chocolate. But they’ve eaten it before with no lasting effects. We kept the dark chocolate safely away from granny paws!


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