Film: Widows’ Peak (1994)



Mia Farrow (Miss Katherine O'Hare)

Joan Plowright (Mrs. Doyle-Counihan)

Natasha Richardson (Mrs. Edwina Bloome)

Adrian Dunbar (Godfrey Doyle-Counihan)

Jim Broadbent (Con Clancy, Kilshannon Dentist)

Rynagh O'Grady (Maddie O'Hara, Mrs. Broome's maid)



Edwina has just moved into the neighborhood known as "Widows' Peak," so called due to the prevalent marital status of the residents, who tend to be a rather exclusive bunch. The residents are all curious about their new neighbor, but no one can seem to get much information about her, including queen bee Mrs. DC, whose son is busy wooing Edwina. Miss O'Hare and Edwina have an immediate dislike for each other, however, and soon some accidental encounters begin to look like Edwina is trying to ruin her new rival. The problems escalate and the town is in an uproar, but they get no closer to solving the mystery of the newcomer. Written by Ed Sutton


It's a charming story, well-acted. The comedy is understated and runs throughout the film. It's a very light movie; there are no deep explorations of philosophy or anything else. It's the story of life in a quaint Irish village, set around 1920, with themes of English vs. Irish as well as rich vs. poor/the politics of living in a small town.

Surprise is a good thing, but being able to look back and say, "Ah! So that's what was going on!" is satisfying. Instead, it was a short, character-driven story, enjoyable for what it was but seeming a bit truncated. I wish it had been longer, perhaps with more hints as to the ending peppered throughout and overall fleshing-out of the story. I was a little disappointed by the abrupt ending.

Recommended for those looking for a light, funny film.

Rated PG; 102 min. running time

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