What I do while waiting for the carpet install guys to arrive

From the Urban Dictionary:

Search: Lisa

Lisa is funny, smart, and artsy. She’s a hopeless romantic and can be just a little clingy. She’s the type of girl who doesn’t attend that kickin’ party, but comes over to help clean up after everyone leaves. Lisa is shy around new people, especially boys older than her, but is capable of getting along with any person, anytime. Lisa is the girl who WANTS a boy that will make her laugh and forget the world, but NEEDS a boy who can give her stability and undying love. She’s into poetry and other forms of the written word, and loves to write, herself. Art is an escape for her, as she’s prone to periods of depression, where she may consider suicide. She’s modest, and doesn’t like to be overly critical of others. A Lisa is sensitive, and she hates to be yelled at.

Nailed it!

All Lisa’s are apparently HOT, too, which is… Well… I am brainy and depressed!

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