More collage art

Give me some paint, glue, assorted this 'n' that, good quality paper to work with, and a solid surface and I go crazy. And I do mean crazy:





Must wonder what the dude is running from that he's looking back in terror. He's about to be consumed by a mutant bird in a red trench coat, and that's not enough?

Ask me no questions. I have no answers.




Alice! My favorite of favorites. Nothing beats the original Tenneil illustrations. Throw in a little surreality (is this even a word?) and BOOM!




Byron didn't write his poem to laud Edna St. Vincent Millay's beauty, but if they'd been contemporaries no doubt he may have.



Finally, a bursting flower reminding me a little too much of poinsettias. It's way, way too early to be thinking about the holidays, and I wasn't. I wanted a burst of color, to contrast with the icky grey (at the time) skies, and naked trees. But yeah. Still reminds me of a poinsettia.


As you can see, I'm keeping busy. I'm also hardly reading. I'm taking the rest of the year off as far as reviews go. I may take off next year, too.

My break doesn't include reviews I'm writing for Library Journal. I'm not going that far. I'm just tired of reading everything at a break-neck pace, not so much enjoying as consuming. Like that poor guy in the first collage. I know how dude feels.

I'll still talk about books. Whatever I do read I'll post about. The difference is I've put my foot down; what I read through at least the end of the year will be what I choose. Unless, of course a spectacular review book passes under my nose.

In other words, I reserve the right to do whatever I want.

On that note, I'm going to pick the glue from under my fingernails and switch the laundry. Not so much because I want to as to keep my weekends free for other fun things. Like gluing strange things together. And drawing freaky, surreal Zentangles.

Loves me them Zentangles.

2 thoughts on “More collage art

  1. Let me pose a question anyway: do these pieces come together as you experiment with individual design elements, or do they start as completely formed mental images before you go about replicating them in physical form?
    Just asking…no reason! 😉


  2. I never know what I’m going to make. I start with an image/picture or two and just go from there, but often it’s just grab, then add to that. It’s a lot like my writing, stream of consciousness without too much strain on the brain!


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