Life, liberty, and the pursuit of nerdness

Life is so darn annoying. It presents so many challenges, so much mundane detail you have to stay on top of. It's really starting to get on my nerves.

Yes, I'm busy gearing up for NaNoWriMo, and yes I'm slowly making progress on my nonfiction work. Library Journal is sending me books to review, which is WONDERFUL, and I also keep a written diary of both my progress with the Lifetime Reading Plan and life in general. Working on so many projects at once means nothing gets done very quickly; it's all moving forward at a snail's pace.

And children, what do you know, take up a whole lot of time. I had the delusion they'd be easier once they got older, and in some ways they are. They can bathe themselves, brush their own teeth and know how to use a microwave, but guess the name of their chauffeur. You got it. MOM.

Mom, I need you to bring my lunch money! Mom, I'm staying late after school, can you drop everything you're doing and come get me? Mom, can you wash my clothes, pick up my orchestra uniform from the tailor and, since you aren't busy, order me some new contacts then go pick them up?

Mom! Mom! Mom! Curse the person who invented the word.

Don't they know Mom has a life, too? Granted, a nerdy one, but still. How am I supposed to read the Concise Encyclopaedia Brittanica, the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, all the great books written since the beginning of man, books selected for various discussion groups, and books I own and am trying to pare down by reading them one by one?

Never mind time wasted with personal hygiene, cooking as little as possible and the wide variety of etc. things I do every day. And did I mention I also WORK OUTSIDE THE HOME? Details, details.

In other news, I'm starting, all over again, working on my stupid, arthritic knee to try and get it to be more functional. the health club provides cardio and stationary weights, and I've also added in yoga to work on flexibility. This is a must. No options. It has to be done if I don't want to end up having to use a walker by age 50. And I don't want, believe me.

Work is likewise darn busy. Having two new sections added to the gardening section I already order for makes for just that much more work. I'm not complaining, mind. I am employed. And the two new sections are interesting, including books about writing as well as a sort of catch-all nonfiction section featuring everything from eBay selling to wedding and etiquite. If only the latter would rub off on me. Hopes aren't running very high.

Wish I had something of more interest to say, but I needed to stop by and just say hey. It's been a while. So long the baying of search hounds wouldn't surprise me. And I would promise to post more regularly, but I'm determined to write my 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo in November. Actually, between you and me, I've already started… Bad me! Bad! Bad!

Like that's really a surprise. And back to work I go.

4 thoughts on “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of nerdness

  1. Oh, isn’t it the truth! I only have one child–an 11yo boy who homeschools–and my work is totally self-scheduled academic history writing. But add that to brushing my teeth every day and I feel like I’m always running to keep up! Lucky you for getting to review for LJ. And good for you for working on your knee.


  2. Good luck with NaNoWriMO! What a great thing to do…I keep hoping to get around to it one of these years. Do let us know how it goes and in the mean time, well, work and home and keeping fit do take up time but inevitably they are all worth it!


  3. Courtney, I’m so far behind with NaNoWriMo it would take a miracle handed down from heaven for me to finish. I started out great, then life went nuts and here I sit, only 3,000ish words out of 50,000 I need to complete. Yeah, right! Like that’s going to happen…


  4. Lifetime Reader, Oooh, history! LJ sent me a 500ish page chunker about the history of four women of the Russian Romanov dynasty. It sounds great. I love historical books – bios or whatever.
    I need to turn that review around in two weeks(!) I guess they like me okay, as I’m now getting these huge books every two weeks, but I’d like to hear a bit of feedback. I guess they’re just too busy. Good thing I’m a fast reader, that’s all I can say.


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