Photo of the Day


Lord Oliver Conan Bubbles Confuzzleton I


His Lordship, Approving Photo

You may call our latest family member a bit of an impulse. Or, if you're Paul, a CATASTROPHIC DISASTER! But he's adjusting well after a week spent getting to know him. Even I don't know if I'm talking about Paul or Oliver.

What can I say. A sign reading "Free Kittens" + a car full of estrogen equals new kitty. Am I right? Am I right?!

8 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. I don’t think I have introduced myself before although have read you for over a year now. Call me a lurking admirer. Husband is a librarian, I’m a library school drop-out (I switched to museum studies) I guarantee that your kitten will soon be called Olly or Fuzz!
    Erika W.


  2. Ha ha ha! Darin and I saw that same sign and the girls were like, “Free kittens?!?!?! WHERE????” No way. (I’m allergic anyhow)


  3. Rebecca, Oliver had a sister who was almost identical, only she didn’t have his “beard.” And there were three totally black cats, too. Tough call, but the beard won us over.


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