Missing no longer

Quick catch up:

We have a new kitten. His name's Oliver, he's black and white and has a black "beard" on his chin. He was a bit of, well, let's just say an IMPULSE. But he's a lovely impulse.

Reading. Reading lots.

Weather cooling, but not frighteningly so. Leaves just barely past peak, or maybe late peak. Who can tell for sure?

Knee continues to make me feel elderly.

Received my chosen "Five Year Service" award from the library. I had $ 125 with to play with, and I chose the "Shorter Oxford English Dictionary."

I'm a nerd, okay?

Reading. Reading lots.

Managed to survive latest pestilence to sweep Guidarini household. I didn't believe I was truly DYING, as a certain husband thought he was in the midst of during his own bout. I'm now just stuffy enough to emit ear-splitting snores and trumpet honking nose blows.

Camera still broken. Lisa still rather a grump.

Reading. Reading lots.

I plan to participate in this year's NanoWriMo novel writing program. Fifty thousand words during the month of November. No problem!

Plus or minus about 50 crises and moments of sheer and utter humiliation, this more or less catches me up.

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