The Sunday Salon – August 22, 2010


Woo, what a week! I could use a good dentist after two firm kicks to the teeth from two different entities. They're totally unrelated, but managed to coordinate very, very well. I'm rather impressed, to tell the truth. Good show! Splendid! Good thing orthodontia has made such huge strides. Praise the Lord and pass the Prozac.

Reading… Well, on Thursday I attended a meeting of the Reader's Advisory Interest Group. The topic this meeting was Scandinavian Mysteries, spinning off the Stieg Larsson phenomenon. Since we don't compare notes ahead, some of us wound up repeating books. Like the person right before me, who had read the same mystery:  The Darkest Room by Johan Theorin.

It's a great read, especially if you like settings featuring old manor houses, lighthouses along the coast, and that sort of thing. In this novel the main characters are a young couple from Stockholm, who along with their two children move to a property on an island off Sweden's coast. Their land includes an old manor house, a guest house, barn and two lighthouses (automated). There are supernatural, ghostly elements, a wall in the barn on which the names of those who've died there are carved, a secret room dedicated to the dead, and a little girl who can hear ghosts. Or can she?  Read more…

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