Photos of the Day



On the Wane

Not much left blooming in the garden now. Yesterday I cut down a bunch of dead flowers that were uglifying the place, and pulled a few thousand weeds. What's left are a humongous lavender-like plant, the hydrangeas, and a few spots of this and that scattered about. But mostly it's pretty dead out there.




Though these red bee balms are past peak, I'll leave those for a bit longer. The petals still left are an amazingly bright red, plus the dragonflies still hop on them. And I love dragonflies.

But the good news is once the first frost comes NO MORE WEEDING for months and months! Gotta take those blessings where you can find them. Maybe my knee will be better by next spring, too (hey, it could happen!), so gardening won't be such torture.

Still a while yet until the garden will be declared finished for the year, though. It's not time to toll the death knell just yet. Close, but not yet.

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