From ‘A Charmed Life: Growing Up in Macbeth’s Castle’ by Liza Campbell.

“My parents had a peculiar social life in Wales, where there were virtually no other young couples around. Guests were relations and imports rather than neighbors. Aunt Carey and her husband Uncle Peebles were frequent guests, stopping off on their way to and from London with their children Boojum and Alexander and their dog Potting Shed. … Carey had met Peebles at Oxford, where he would wander through the quads in a top hat with a pet mouse that ran around the brim. … When I appeared with a runny nose and rheumy eyes to kiss him hello, instead of saying, “Are you Ill?” he would say, “Dear child, I suspect you are prey to some fell disease. Try not to pass it to Potting
Shed, he is already in an autumnal humor.”

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