Epic Fail



Pretty sure this dude was a relative on the paternal side. He's from the right county in Tuscaloosa, AL, and the name's familiar. Well, the initials are.

It's not the hand-carving that makes me shiver. Being poor is no shame, usually. If all you do is sit on your front porch blowing in a jug, then yeah. That's trashy. But if you make a genuine effort and simply can't make a decent living, and can't move someplace more fertile, different story. Since I don't know into which category the departed A.J. fell, I have no comment. I have suspicions, but no comment.

But BORND? Really? Do we have to go there?


(Disclaimer: I stole this photo from findagrave.com, when I was huntin' me up some dead people.)



2 thoughts on “Epic Fail

  1. It looks rushed. Like they had five minutes to bury the poor guy and put up the head stone. I would love to know the real story behind this pict though but if we don’t have one, then suspicions are welcomed..LOL


  2. Maybe the guy who buried him banged him over the head with the shovel, put him six feet under, then carved the tombstone with the same shovel. Certainly looks that way!


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